Сетевые решения — Привязка номера подсети контроллера домена к сайту

Собственно предупреждение:

None of the IP addresses ( of this Domain Controller map to the configured site ‘Default-First-Site-Name’. While this may be a temporary situation due to IP address changes, it is generally recommended that the IP address of the Domain Controller (accessible to machines in its domain) maps to the Site which it services. If the above list of IP addresses is stable, consider moving this server to a site (or create one if it does not already exist) such that the above IP address maps to the selected site. This may require the creation of a new subnet object (whose range includes the above IP address) which maps to the selected site object.


  1. Идем в Active Directory Sites and Services;
  2. В разделе Subnets создаем подсеть;
  3. Привязываем ее к сайту, где расположен сервер AD.

Перезагружаем сервер, смотрим. Предупреждение не должно повториться.

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